Desperate residents use own baths and hire skips to store rubbish as bin strikes hit

Desperate residents use own baths and hire skips to store rubbish as bin strikes hit

Brits have had to resort to storing rubbish in bath tubs or hiring skips as waste builds up following a city bin strike.

Refuse workers in Edinburgh have taken strike action leading to rubbish-strewn streets in the midst of the Fringe Festival.

They began an 11 day long strike on bin collection in protest at the 3.5% pay increase proposed by Edinburgh City Council on August 18.

Images around the city show massive piles of rubbish building up and becoming a hygiene problem.

People living in flats have also been told not to add their rubbish to communal bins which are overflowing and so residents have had to come up with unusual solutions.

For Helen Sikora, 87, from the Old Town in Edinburgh, she decided to start putting the rubbish into her own bath.

She told the BBC : “I came up with the idea myself as it’s the safest place to put rubbish. If it leaks then it’s easy to clean my bath. I use the local health club every day to go swimming, so I don’t need to use my shower.”

“Its absolutely disgusting going out shopping just now and seeing the rubbish all over the pavements, it’s just dreadful. I don’t accumulate a lot of rubbish, but I’ve had this in my bath now for six days, its going to be a health hazard soon.”

While Neil Dishington, 38, from the Polwarth area of the city, has decided to hire a £200 skip to hold the waste.

He said: “I rent out my spare room to Airbnb guests during the festival so I generate a lot of waste and recycling. The issue we have here is the large street bins are full and overflowing, so we have no option but to hold onto our rubbish.”

He said that he would have over 200 bags of rubbish if he hadn’t used a skip while adding that the sight of all the waste in the street is not helping the tourism industry with people commenting on the mess.

Others have also complained about the rubbish lying around with William Cavendish, from Cockburn Street, saying he could smell the stench from his third floor flat.

Strike action across Scotland is a coordinated effort between Unite, Unison and the GMB unions and is set to continue until August 30.