Killer groom attacked in jail and rushed to hospital after life sentence began

Killer groom attacked in jail and rushed to hospital after life sentence began

Suitcase killer Thomas Nutt, who horrifically murdered his wife the day they got married, was brutally beaten up in prison and had to be rushed to hospital.

Nutt killed Dawn Walker and stuffed her body into a suitcase at their home in Lightcliffe, West Yorkshire, in late October last year.

The then 46-year-old tried to hide her body, dumping it in some bushes and stringing her friends and family along on a charade that she had disappeared because of her mental health.

Nutt was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 22 years for strangling the 52-year-old grandmother to death.

However, since being dumped in Category B Leeds prison he was attacked and beaten by another inmate on Saturday, August 20.

The attack led to Nutt being rushed to hospital but he was released on the same day and placed in solitary confinement for his own safety.

The prisoner has been hailed as a hero by other inmates according to The Mail Online.

They reported that Nutt had been walking through the exercise yard in the jail when he was attacked like “he had been beaten up by Oleksandr Usyk” (boxing world heavyweight champion).

He was said to have suffered extensive bruising, cuts and abrasions to the head and body.

The source told the outlet: “Nutt is a bully and was acting the ‘big I am’ around the wings.

“He made himself a target. Another prisoner took exception to his antics and gave him a good pasting. He was a mess afterwards.

“Nutt is considered the lowest of the low and he will be frantic with worry that he is now a big target. He will be looking over his shoulder.”

The murderer was taken to his local hospital by ambulance, guarded by two prison officers.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “We can confirm that a prisoner at HMP Leeds was treated in hospital for minor injuries following an assault by another prisoner. We are unable to comment further while police investigate.”

There he was treated before being returned and placed in solitary confinement for his own safety.

Nutt was found guilty on August 10 at Bradford Crown Court for killing Dawn just hours after they tied the knot.

Initially he hid his wife’s body in a cupboard at their home before he broke her legs so he could stuff her in a case before he went on to dump her body.

CCTV released by West Yorkshire Police showed Nutt dragging Dawn out of their home in the case.

He could later be seen returning to the garden to try and cover the wheel tracks left in the mud.

Another clip showed Dawn, still in her wedding dress, on her way back from the pub with Nutt where they had celebrated their wedding.

This was the last time she was seen alive outside her home.

His Honour Judge Johnathan Rose branded Nutt a “bully” and said he had faked texts from Dawn to her own daughter after killing her to maintain the lie she was alive.

The former partner of bride murderer Thomas Nutt had previously told The Mirror how he is an evil woman hater who nearly killed her too and of how she tried to warn Dawn.

Kimberley Allcock bravely tried to warn the scrap merchant’s live-in lover Dawn Walker after Dawn contacted her on Facebook asking why she had taken a restraining order against him.

Kimberley, 41, explained about Nutt’s brutal rages and sent photos of her injuries from a savage beating.

Dawn, 52, told Kimberley that Nutt “scared the hell out of her” but tragically, she could not persuade her to leave him. The judge referenced Nutt’s abuse towards Kimberley during the trial.

Dawn’s daughter Kiera Lee told jurors her mum had a feeling “something bad” would happen in the lead-up to her wedding and a neighbour said Dawn had messaged asking if she should “run.”