Teens stalked by ‘killer clown’ at UK beach as parents warn 2016 craze could be back

Teens stalked by ‘killer clown’ at UK beach as parents warn 2016 craze could be back

Two teens claim to have been stalked by a ‘ killer clown ‘ as one of their parents warned a bizarre craze from 2016 could return.

A 17-year-old and his friend told police in Herne Bay, Kent on Monday (August 22) that they had been followed by a person wearing a full clown outfit, who is said to have hid behind a sea wall and began swaying.

Though the reported individual was not found and no offence was said to have been committed, the mother of one of the boys has since issued a warning to other parents telling them to vigilant against “killer clowns” in the area.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “My 17-year-old son has just come home with his friend and they have both been followed along Hampton Pier to just past the park by someone dressed in a full clown outfit.

“They were acting strangely, walking fast behind them, hiding and crouching behind the sea wall [and] acting creepily like they were acting out a killer clown”.

“My son and his friend hid for a couple of minutes, and this clown was stood by the park along the sea wall swaying side to side. They ran home.

“They tried to video it but it was too dark.”

Officers confirmed they were contacted over the incident which happened at about 10.10pm.

Describing the outcome of the report, they said: “The person did not attempt to speak to the boys and no offences have been identified”

“A local patrol carried out a search of the area but no one matching the description was located.”

The individual reported by the teenagers was not said to be armed.

In 2016 a number of incidents were reported in the UK and around the world involving people dressed as clowns attempting to intimidate people.

Police forces reported a spike in calls involving clowns around Halloween, and in 2016 charity Childline was contacted 120 times by worried children.